apple picking time…

It was that time of year again when we go apple picking at Apple Holler. We were checking all last week and this week to see if the Honey Crisp apples were ready for pickin’. Eric called and sure enough, they were.

my family
We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The weather was fantastic: sunny with puffy white clouds. In the 60’s, probably 70’s in the sun. Not windy at all.


And of course after we picked and stuffed ourselves with the apples, we did the tractor ride, all the kiddie activities (go carts [Diego by himself this year!!!], the train ride, pony ride [only Diego] and the playground), and the petting zoo. They always have so much fun that Diego will be asking random times during the year if we can go apple picking.

And as always, I can’t wait for next year!

For more pictures of our apple picking trip, click the sign.

Honey Crisps!!!


Finally!! Diego has been asking to go sledding for quite a while now. Last time it snowed, we weren’t even here. But it has been snowing since this morning so there was about 6 inches to take advantage of.

Plus it was Mia’s first time in the snow so that was fun. She had a good time. Caught her putting her hand/mitten in the snow while I was pulling her. She is using Diego’s little sled while he had the new big boy sled. His sled turned over a few times in the snow but Diego did not mind. He was just having lots of fun. I think we all did. 🙂

It was dark so not many pictures were taken.

I got to pull Mia. And Eric had the honor to spill Diego every few minutes. 😆

Mia’s 1st time sledding. She had a big grin the whole time she was on the sled.
Girl's 1st Time Sledding

Bad picture but keeping it anyway. Love the way there is a snowflake on Diego’s nose.
Boy and Papa

We might go out tomorrow if the snow is still nice. I know Diego wants to go again.