Can’t sleep…

A family member died last week.  He was only 45.  It was an accident.  The wake was today.  There was over 100, maybe 200 people there.  It was so sad.  His wife, kids, parents, sisters, brothers, family from who knows where, friends…there was so many people there, it was hot. Unfortunately, the a/c couldn’t keep up.  They had a video/slide show going on.  Just sad.  We paid our condolences.  Said hello to a few people I haven’t see in a long time.  And we left.  But not really, my heart is there with them.  I cannot imagine what they are going thru.  The last time I saw him was June at a party.  He looked so different now.  He just looked thin and empty.  May he rest in peace. 

Yet, we keep moving on. 


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