I can’t believe this…

Today there was a family fair at the park next door.  We had gotten an postcard from our alderman,Daniel Solis, inviting us to this event. So we went. When we got there, I signed up for a free raffle.  They were raffling off four bikes and a pair of roundtrip airplane tickets.  Just as I finished entering, they raffled of a bike.  My number was #239 and the number they picked was #240.  Bummer!  So they announced that at 1:30 they were going to raffle off the rest of the prizes.  So we went home since it was getting cold.  I told Eric I wanted to come back to check out the drawing ‘cuz you just never know.

So I went back.  They raffled off the prizes.  I won the tickets!!!  They are two roundtrip tickets within the continental US from Southwest Airlines. Now I have to call the alderman’s office on Monday to see how I pick the tickets/vouchers. I am so happy! I have never won anything like this. Now we need to figure out were we want to go!


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