Jury Duty…

I did my civil duty today by going to jury duty.  I had gotten a letter a few weeks ago telling me I was a STANDBY JUROR and to call the day before to see if I was required to attend.  So last night, I remembered to call.  Sure enough, I was summoned.

The only problem I had with this was the fact that I had to go to Markham, IL which is a little out of my way. I had to take I90/94, then I94, and then I57. It was a 45 mile roundtrip commute. Oh, well! The good thing was there was almost no traffic on the way there or back.

I arrived at 8:55 am. I signed in and went to the quiet room. President Ford’s funeral was on TV. I read today’s Chicago Tribune paper. First the Tempo section, Metro section second, then the front page. Then I put my new iPod Shuffle and read my People magazine. After doing the Puzzler, I did some Sudoku. By then, it was almost 11:30 am. Then they called us to get our juror paycheck. Sat down and continued with my puzzle. By noon, they annouced that all court cases were done for the day and we can leave for the day. clap 

So, for three hours of my time, I got paid a whopping $17.20. I have done my quote for the year and do not have to do this for at least a year. Back to work tomorrow!


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