18 months ago…

…my baby was born! I can’t believe he is 18 months old, one and half year old, 549 day old, 78 weeks old, 47,433,600 seconds and counting, well, you get the point.

Diego is getting so big. I don’t have his measurements but he reaches my waist already. And he is heavy! He is changing so much. He is no longer my baby. =( He is a full blown toddler. *sigh*

He said “zapatoes” this morning for the first time. He had already been saying “shoes” for a while so it was nice to hear him say a spanish word to the list. As of today, he is saying the following: mama, papa, cheese, shoe, blue, apple, Nala, bye, banana, truck, and others I can’t remember right now. He is very “vocal,” which means he “talks” you in Chinese most of the time. 😀

He will be going to the ped next week so I will have better stats by then.

Here is my baby!
18 Months Old


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