Chinese Wedding…

We went to a traditional Chinese wedding on Saturday. How come no one warned us to pace ourselves during dinner? It was family style dinner. They kept bringing food and more food and then more food. 😯 First there was the seafood appetizer, then there was a seafood salad, then the lobster dish, a fish dish, chicken, more seafood dishes, noodles and then some rice. Then there was a couple of desserts and cakes. OMG! We were stuffed to the gills.

The bride is Chinese and the groom is Vietnamese. So there was three different people translating everything in Chinese, Vietnamese and English. The bride had four different outfits. Here white wedding dress, a traditional Chinese wedding dress and a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress. Plus, she changed into something more comfortable to dance the night away. It was fun! The pictures will be posted soon on their website. Can’t wait to see them!


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