Big Boy Milestone…

Diego used the potty today!!! OMG! I don’t care if he doesn’t use it for another two weeks or months, but I was just so excited when my aunt told me.

This past weekend we bought a potty chair for Diego, this one. He went with us so we had him try it to make sure he could sit on it. Took it home and put it in the powder room. He sees it every time we open the powder room.

So today, my aunt noticed Diego was pushing. You can so tell because he turns bright red and he holds is breath. She took off his pants and diaper and sat him on his potty. She then told him to push and she demonstrated. So he did and pooped in the potty!!!

I had just had a conversation with Eric about buying him some Pull Ups instead of his normal Huggies. We have one big box left. We shall see how this continues…


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