Elkhart, IN…

It was fun. My brother and his family moved there last year. This was our first outing to his new house. It was a blast. My parents, my other brother and his kid and my aunt and her family also went. It is a two hour drive from Chicago. It is a nice drive.

My brother had told me to bring a bathing suit but did not mention that they had a pool. Very nice!
The Pool

Diego was prepared. I had gotten Diego some swimming trunks and swimming diapers. He looked really cute.
My little Swimmer

Diego also enjoyed his time on the trampoline. He loved jumping on the trampoline
And he loved running on the trampoline, too.

The food was yummy! Grilled skirt steak, hot dogs, salads, roasted corn, cookies and cake.

We had to bail out early. Diego did not and would not take a nap. The minute the car was started, Diego knocked out. We thought he was going to sleep thru the drive but no luck. After an hour, he was awake. We got home sometime after 7 PM. He did not go back to sleep until 8:45 PM. Now it is my turn.

Night, night!


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