Gallstone Update…

Well, it seems that I will have to get the gallbladder surgery. 😯 It has been set for October 31. How fitting right? 😆

I am getting a new procedure called NOTES (Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery). Sounds very scientific doesn’t it?

Here is my understanding of this new procedure: Instead of getting four incisions, there is only three. The scope and tools goes thru the mouth. They cut thru the stomach to get to the gallbladder. They snip and pull it out thru the mouth. Then everything gets patched up. I will probably stay overnight for observation since this is a new procedure. I think there has only been 8 or 9 surgeries of this kind done.

Very scary for some. I haven’t really told anyone in the family that I am having surgery yet but I will soon. Don’t want to frighten anyone.

The only thing is that I will miss trick or treating with Diego this year. I hope Eric will take him out. I will be at the hospital recovering during the peak time. I hope I can go home that day.


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