Saying T00dles…

to the ’00s. (Get it? *sigh* Nevermind.)

So here we are, the last day of the ’00s. So many things have occured in the world but instead of rehashing that, I will rehashed what happened in MY world.

  • Bought a house in ’03
  • Got a cat in ’04
  • Bought a SUV in ’05
  • Had two children in ’05 and ’08
  • Ran two half marathons: first one in ’07 and the second in ’09
  • Drove to Mexico in ’02 and ’05
  • Saw my bestest friends get married
  • Saw the same number of friends have babies
  • Went to Disney in ’00 and ’07
  • Went on our first and only cruise to the Bahamas in ’04
  • Went to Las Vegas, New York City & Los Angeles for the first time
  • Eric’s grampa (his dad’s dad) passed away
  • Eric’s uncle (his dad’s brother) passed away (first sibling to die from both sides of the family)
  • I know there are more events that happened during these last ten years. Who knows what will happen in the teens (is what the next decade is going to be called?) but I am sure it will be documented better.

    Happy New Year everyone! Goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Bring it, I’m ready.


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