Trip To The Moon…

I know I hardly ever write about Diego and his school. Diego is progressing very nicely. He knows most of his site words (I, said, when, he, she, etc) and his writing is getting better every day. I just have to thank his teacher and her assistants. They are wonderful.

Any who, back to the title of this post. Eric received the following from Diego’s teacher who he was nice to forward to me:

Everything is really great in Room 105. I hear that you are going on the field trip with us. Diego is very excited. Today, L…, J…, and Diego built this wonderful space ship and spent most of the morning on Moon. So, he might be a bit tired this evening. (Smile) They were so detailed about this project in the block center. I took pictures, so I will share.

It just made me go awwwww. I can’t wait for his teacher to share pictures. 🙂


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