18th Month Appointment…

Finally, we took Mia for her 18 month get well visit. She gained weight and she did grow.

weight 21 lb 8 oz (10%)
length 32 3/4 in (75%)
head circ 18 1/4 (40%)

Still tall and lean. Doing well. Only concern (but a only a little): she is not really saying much. The only words she really says are Mama, Papa, Hi, Bye, Stop it, ta-da, Go, (Die)go, No. We are just going to keep an ear on her vocabulary for the next six months. But she does a lot of baby talk and she points and stuff so not a big worry at the moment.

She got three shots. I missed them this time around because I had to run to the washroom so by the time I got back, it was over. Poor kiddo.

She goes back in 6 months.

And earlier in the day, she had her first dentist’s appointment which did not go well. Eric had to hold her legs with his legs, wrap his arm around her arms and had to use his free arm to help keep her head from moving while her teeth were being cleaned. She cried for the whole exam. I am so glad I wasn’t there. I think I would have freaked. BUT she did not have any cavities which was worth the visit. She just had a lot of build up. She did get a Dora sticker. 🙂

I think she goes back to the dentist in 6 months.

And Diego did go to the dentist as well. Perfect set of teeth. Perfect patient. Just my perfect little guy. (Couldn’t help adding that since this post is more about Mia than Diego.)

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