Diego Graduated…

From Pre-K!!! I can’t believe it has been 9 months since he started Pre-K and now he is moving on to KINDERGARDEN. He had so much fun. We love Mrs. Brown. She rocks room 105.

Today, Diego’s class did their end of the year celebration. They did a play “The Very Busy Spider” and the kids moving on to kinder were presented with certificates.

The play was super-duper adorable!!! There were 10 kids moving to kinder so they had all the speaking parts. The rest of the class were the band.

I really need to upload the video of the play but it’s about 20 min long. Diego was the owl. He “flew” into the area while hooting at the same time. He said his first line, sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider (although, he says it Ipsy Bipsy Spider) and then he said his last line. I got all teary eyed. I was so proud of him. *sigh*

Ipsy Bipsty Spider

The kids did really, really well. Mrs. Brown narrated the story and cued the kids. I was very, very impressed. Even the insect band was so cute and adorable.

Once the play was over, the future Kindergardeners went outside the room to get ready. They had made graduation caps which is what they were wearing when they came back into the room. Mrs. Brown made a speech and then presented everyone with their certificates. It was just really, really sweet.

In Thought

Once the presentation was over, we headed to the cafe and had some food. All the kids had so much fun. What a wonderful way to end the school year.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures, just click on the sun. Enjoy!

It's Always Sunny in Room 105


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