is winding down.  Granted, there is about three more weeks of summer left but you can feel that autumn is starting to move in.

We’ve had our highs (Michigan City vacation) and we had our lows (Eric’s unemployment status).  Diego will be starting kindergarden in a week 🙂 and Mia will be losing her playmate ;(

Diego will be starting a new soccer league today.  Two times a week practice for ten weeks and games on Saturdays for 8 weeks.  I hope it doesn’t get to cold by the beginning of November.  I am sure he’ll have fun regardless of the weather.

I will probably start planning Mia’s birthday party soon.  We think it will be on November 7 and I am debating Dora or Backyardigans theme.  Very important decision you know.  I’ll figure it out.

It has been a wonderful summer but my favorite season is coming.  So many things to look forward to: school starting, my birthday, Halloween, Mia’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and much, much, much more.


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