One of my new year resolutions was to blog more. Just like the rest of my phantom resolutions, I’m not doing very well. But the good news is I do have some updates:

  • Eric finally got a job. It is only a freelance job for the next three months but at least it is better than no job at all.
  • Diego lost his second tooth. I promise I will post a picture of that soon. He lisps just a bit but we can still understand what he is saying.
  • We had the third worst blizzard in Chicago last week, Feb. 1 – 2. It dumped 20 inches at O’Hare. In my ‘hood, it was more like 18 inches.
  • I finally signed up for my first race this year. It is the Solider Field 10 Mile. I have been wanting to run this race for ages now. I convinced a friend of mine to run with me. Training starts in March. Yippeee!

I think that is all. I do need to take more pictures of the kids. I will try to blog more. I promise, maybe. 🙂


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