Midnight Mystery…

For the last few weeks, Diego has been mysteriously showing up in our bed. We have no clue what time he gets there. That kid is stealthy in getting into our bed. Either that or I am just a really, really hard sleeper. 😛

He used to announce his arrival by saying “Good Morning Mama!!” That would wake me up and I would just take him back to his bed. But now, he just climbs in.

So last night, at around midnight, I felt something heavy on me. Usually it is Nala (our cat) who likes to sleep right next to me or in between my legs but this time I woke up and found Diego climbing in. I don’t think so and walked him back to bed.

Then at around 3 am, I felt the heaviness again. Sure enough, it was Diego again. I walked him back to his bed again.

Then when we woke up this morning around 7 ish, he was all snuggled next to me. I have no clue what time he showed up this time. 😆

He is getting good. At least now we know what time he has been arriving and now I can be on the look out. He must sleep in his own bed for all our sakes.