Christmas Cards Mailed…

Just got them today.  Thankfully I went home for lunch because they were there waiting for me.  So, I stuffed, sealed, labeled and stamped 53 cards.  Mailed 51 cards, two were hand delivered.  Unhappy that I got them today but happy that they are in the mail and will be picked up at 3:30.  So, I hope the ones in Chicago get delivered tomorrow and the rest get delivered on Christmas Eve.  If not, then they should get them the day after Christmas.

Either way, they are ALL DONE!!!  Woo hoo!!!


That was Diego’s reaction to the Christmas tree this morning.  His exact line was “Wow, a Christmas tree!”  Too cute!

We finally got around putting the tree up last night.  We always do but this year was so worth it with the reaction Diego had. *sigh*

Festival of Lights ’07…

It is beginning to look like Christmas…

It was a cold and blustery night. It was slightly drizzling. But that not keep us away from attending the annual Festival of Lights parade. It was us three, Maggie and her boyfriend Eddie. We were all huddling to we can keep warm.

We were at the end of the route. I *heart* that area because 1) there isn’t that many people, 2) we are right in front of the fireworks and 3) we a few blocks away from the parking garage which makes a quick getaway.

The bad thing about being at the end is we have to wait a good 45 minutes before the parade gets there. But we still have fun waiting.. Eddie was not properly dressed which I had told Maggie to dress warmly. Men!

Finally we saw the parade cross the Michigan Ave. bridge and a few minutes we saw Mickey. How exciting!!! Diego was waving to anyone. He really enjoyed it. Besides Mickey, we saw Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale. There was helium snowflakes and ornaments. There were a couple of bands (one of them was UIC‘s). And there was even Corbin Blue from High School Musical was there (haven’t seen these movies yet but you should have seen the teeny boppers and their moms screaming at him).

The parade hadn’t even finished when the fireworks went off. They had some really cool fireworks these year. Finally Santa came by. Diego waved and waved. Got to love it! The fireworks finished and it was time to get out of the cold and back home.

Only 7 more days until our Disney Vacation. 🙂