happy easter…

My yearly post for Easter. This year we had help dying the eggs so they weren’t as bright as normal. (Having an almost six year old, a six year old and a 2 year old helping out just throws out the control freak out the window. They win.) But this year, I did include their names too.

Happy Easter

So from us to you: Happy Easter!!!

Easter Buddies

And we miss you papa!!

happy halloween…

Happy Halloween!

As you can see Diego was a vampire and Mia was a witch.  Cuteness all around.  🙂

We had a busy Halloween evening.  We went to the neighborhood stores for some trick or treating.  The popcorn place gave popcorn.  Jamba Juice made small smoothies for the kids.  Awesome!!! I wish the association would organize all of the merchants to have a set time for this.  I was worried that the stores wouldn’t be prepared but only two (the bars) didn’t seem to have anything for the kids.

But anywhoo, we went home to drop off the loot and take a breather (I was sweating).  Then we went to the Halloween party.  There was pizza, snacks, adult and kid beverages.  The kids were watching a movie to keep them from getting antsy.  Once the movie and party was over, off we went trick or treating.  There was about eight parents and a huge group of kids.  Seriously, this is the way to go.  Everyone keeps an eye on all the kids.  The kids made out with lots of goodies.  Which make mom and dad happy. 😉

I can’t for next year. We are already planning what our costumes might be since Eric and I want to dress up as well. Diego already said he wanted to be Harry Potter. We shall see.  We have another 365 days to figure it out.



Happy Mama’s Day…

I had a wonderful day. See?

Happy Mama's Day!

Diego made me a jewelery box and a bracelet at school. He also made me a card. Love it and it made me tear up. I also got an Edible Arrangement from Mia & Diego. Yummy! I ❤ them plus I get to share with my peeps.

After opening my gifts, we went to eat a Stanley’s. They have a great brunch on Sunday’s. They had made-to-order omelets, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, buscuits and gravy, waffles, fruit toppings, sausage, bacon, mmmm I could just go on but now I am hungry. 😆

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Smooches!