potty done…

It is official, Mia is potty trained!!!!

What a wonderful feeling.  A sigh of relief.  A big girl in the making.  We thought it was never going to happen but she did it.

We managed to go out this weekend and she did what she needed to do.  Of course, everywhere we went we had to scope out the store to see where the restrooms were just in case.

We did a moment of panic when we were driving somewhere and Mia pipes up.  “I need to go potty.”  Oh oh!  Good thing we were not far from where we were going cuz she held it.

She does still us a pull-up for night time use but she wakes up dry just about every morning.  So once that supply is done, it is DONE!

It only took three years and two month for this to happen but NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

Can’t believe my little girl is growing up.  It is such a bittersweet feeling. *sigh*


Ah, a long run.  A half marathon. 13.1 miles.  It was nice.

So I got two blisters on my big toes.  So I got chaffed under my arms.  So it rained for about half the race. But I managed to get my best time for a 1/2 marathon!!!

My time was 2:42:12.  Two years ago, my time was 2:43:27.  Now, if I could only train properly, I can probably shave more time.  Maybe next year!

two years…

Finally took to Mia to her 2 year check up.

Weight 23 lb 10 oz (10%)
Height 34 3/4 in (75%)
Head 18 1/7 in (50%)

When the doc combined her stats, she is on the 5% female child chart. I would’ve never had thought I would have a tall and thin kid. But the doc did not seem concerned. He did say if we wanted to, we could continue with the whole milk.

Her hemoglobin was great. She got her tb test and her hep a shot. And she got her flu shot. She didn’t even cry at all. When the nurse was about to administer the tb test, she was like ouch even before she actually did anything. She is such a big girl.

Diego got his flu shot too. He did get some soreness later in the day. Mia didn’t seem to have any reaction to it

Happy 10th…

Goodness! I have been at this company for 10 freaking years!! 😯 For my sweat and tears, I have received a nice crystal Tiffany box. They engraved it with the company’s logo at the bottom. I like it.

For a while, I thought they had canceled the 10 year gift because when I completed 5 years, the company decided to cancel the 5 year gift. Just my luck that year. 😛 But now, I have really nice crystal box and I have no idea where I am going to put it.

Happy March…

Well we are getting closer to spring than we are to winter.  Also, this is the first year that we are setting our clocks back (spring back) in March, March 11 to be exact.  That should be good but I have a feeling it is going to wreck havoc on Diego’s sleeping pattern.  Let’s hope not.

Don’t forget to check your smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries.