two years…

Finally took to Mia to her 2 year check up.

Weight 23 lb 10 oz (10%)
Height 34 3/4 in (75%)
Head 18 1/7 in (50%)

When the doc combined her stats, she is on the 5% female child chart. I would’ve never had thought I would have a tall and thin kid. But the doc did not seem concerned. He did say if we wanted to, we could continue with the whole milk.

Her hemoglobin was great. She got her tb test and her hep a shot. And she got her flu shot. She didn’t even cry at all. When the nurse was about to administer the tb test, she was like ouch even before she actually did anything. She is such a big girl.

Diego got his flu shot too. He did get some soreness later in the day. Mia didn’t seem to have any reaction to it


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