potty done…

It is official, Mia is potty trained!!!!

What a wonderful feeling.  A sigh of relief.  A big girl in the making.  We thought it was never going to happen but she did it.

We managed to go out this weekend and she did what she needed to do.  Of course, everywhere we went we had to scope out the store to see where the restrooms were just in case.

We did a moment of panic when we were driving somewhere and Mia pipes up.  “I need to go potty.”  Oh oh!  Good thing we were not far from where we were going cuz she held it.

She does still us a pull-up for night time use but she wakes up dry just about every morning.  So once that supply is done, it is DONE!

It only took three years and two month for this to happen but NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

Can’t believe my little girl is growing up.  It is such a bittersweet feeling. *sigh*


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