happy easter…

My yearly post for Easter. This year we had help dying the eggs so they weren’t as bright as normal. (Having an almost six year old, a six year old and a 2 year old helping out just throws out the control freak out the window. They win.) But this year, I did include their names too.

Happy Easter

So from us to you: Happy Easter!!!

Easter Buddies

And we miss you papa!!


First Movie Experience…

We ended up in Milwaukee for Easter. We went to breakfast. Diego saw the Easter Bunny there. Not a very impressive EB but at least he was not frightened.

After breakfast, we (the group) decided to go to the movies to see the Meet the Robinsons movie. It was Diego’s first movie at the movie theater. I was a little apprehensive about taking him because well you know, little kids and movies usually don’t mix. It was the first show, it was a kid’s movie and there wasn’t that many people in the theater. So far so good. Diego hadn’t taken a nap yet so we thought that perhaps he might sleep through it.

With Diego situated on my lap, the lights dim and the previews started. Lots of new kid movies coming up (Underdog, Shrek the Third, Ratatouille, & Nancy Drew). Then the light go out and a Mickey Mouse cartoon starts. MM is so cute! Then cue the movie. It was great. Diego was so interested in it he must’ve forgotten to take the nap I was hoping for. He switched laps between Eric and I a few times but other than that, he seemed to enjoy it. Every time someone would get into a car, he would wave and say “bye!”

The only drama during the movie was that he over peed his diaper. He soaked himself and me. Eric ran out to get his dry clothes. So during the movie, we had to get Diego redressed. Diego did not even complained. 🙂

Overall, the movie experience was an A plus. Great job Diego!!!

A Very Good Friday…

I am still tired from yesterday. We (well, not so much me but I helped when I could) started cooking since 7 am and did not stop until 2 pm. The menu included Lima Bean Soup, Shrimp Cocktail, and Stuffed Peppers with rice. It was a lot of food. The good think almost everyone made it: my parents, my ILs, my aunt & family, oldest brother and youngest nephew, and surprise guests: Eric’s grandparents. Everyone eat a little of everything. We had a little bit of leftovers that we ate today. We still have Lima Bean Soup and some stuffed peppers left but everything else is gone. That is always a good thing.

Diego on the other hand came out ahead. He got some Little People presents. He got the Little People™ Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains book, Little People Books and a Little People The Big Parade Interactive Sound Book. And he also got some $$$. Lucky kid! =)

I am not sure if we are still going to Milwaukee tomorrow. It is going to hit 40 degrees tomorrow but up there it is only going to hit 38. Still cold. Brrrr! Whatever ever Eric says it will be fine with me.

Easter Weekend…

Starts now! Eric and I are taking Good Friday off. We are going to cook. Well, I know Eric is going to cook. =) Invited the entire family to come over tomorrow. Let’s see who will make it.

I heard that my BIL bought an Easter basket for Diego. Really sweet since we didn’t even get him anything. We might go to Milwaukee on Sunday for Easter. Maybe there will be an Easter egg hunt. Let’s hope!