many hats…

I thinking last night about all I do for my kids.  And then I realized that I wear a lot of mom hats: soccer mom hat, tennis mom hat, Girl Scout mom hat, ballet mom hat, swim mom hat and most important of all since without wearing this one I can’t do all of the above: taxi mom hat. I don’t think I would be able to any of this if I didn’t drive.

The funny thing about driving is that I didn’t get a license until I was 25. I went to Driver’s Ed in high school but I was a nervous driver. I didn’t practice anywhere else but there. My father only took me once in beast of the van (which he still has twenty plus years later) and that was it. My brothers didn’t bother to take me out either.

So obviously, I did not pass the driving portion of the class.  I really did not need a license anyway. I was still in high school so the bus was it. Once I went to college, I also took the bus. I didn’t go anywhere but school and home. I really didn’t have social life outside those two places. If I wanted to go anywhere else, it was on the bus.  I did have some friends who had a car and on occasion I would get a ride from them but that was not very often.  When you live in a large city, public transportation was the easiest solution.

Then I got married and I still didn’t have a license. Eric didn’t have one either but he decided to make it happen. He drove and passed his test. We bought a car soon after that. And yet, I still didn’t have a license. I did get a learner’s permit because I wanted to be comfortable driving. I drove until the permit expired and I drove even after it expired. Finally, we were driving by a DMV in Schaumburg. Eric drove me right up to the place so I can finally bite the bullet.

Another funny story: so I was my turn to take the driver’s test. It was a hot and very sunny day. The tester wanted to check to make sure my lights were working. I had to put my left blinker on and then the right one. Like I said, it was a very sunny day. She couldn’t see the lights blinking. I finally put the flashers on. As she was approaching the car, I heard her say “Are you stupid or something?” I don’t think she meant for me to hear her (or maybe she did???) but it made me nervous and probably made me feel like I was in high school again. I did tell her about it but I can’t remember what her reaction was or what she said.  It just felt wrong especially since I was taking this test for the first time ever.

I guess she was satisfied with the blinker situation and told me to start the car. I was finally doing it: DRIVING!!! I went thru the motions: drive forward, three quarter turn, reverse, merge, etc. Now my worse driving skill is perpendicular parking. It still is but I’ve gotten better. Now the coolest thing about taking the test out in the suburbs is they don’t do the perpendicular parking, they do diagonal parking instead. Best thing ever.  I finally finished the test and we walked back into the office.  I told Eric about what happen.  He went to complain about the lady.  The manager, I think, came over and apologized.  Needless to say, I passed the test and got myself my very own driver license.

Any way, this was supposed to be about wearing hats and driving everywhere for my kids.  Just like my life, it is just all over the place.  And you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for the world.


one year later…

I can’t believe it has been one year since Eric was let go from his “dream” company.  Funny how something like that just throws our perfect little world into turmoil. But we pushed thru as and we are in a good (and better) place now.

Thankfully, I have a job with insurance.  Eric got unemployment up until he started freelancing.  We used that money wisely.  We didn’t overspend so we were able to keep up with all the bills.  We bought the essentials we needed.  The only splurge we made was for the kids during Christmas which was not too bad.  We had to forgo giving anyone gifts (including ourselves) but I am sure they understood what we were going thru. 

We are grateful for getting unemployment but let me tell you, I couldn’t wait for Eric to get a job to get off of it.  I really not sure how some people can take advantage of that.

In the meantime, Eric worked hard to find a job.  I had forgotten that looking for a job is a job in itself.  He spent hours and hours looking at online job sites, networking, networking and more networking.  Lots of people disappointed me knowing that Eric was out of a job and didn’t even step up.  But on the other hand, there were lots of people who did reach out to him.  I heart all those people.

Well, it’s a year later and Eric has a job since June 13.  He is enjoying it and learning a new side aspect of his job industry.  And I am so proud of him.

I do not wish anyone being unemployed.  It sucks and it is very depressing.  But with the right support system and the ganas, it is something that can be broken and it will be all okay.

Cuz every little thing will be all right!

sad day…

I found out that Eric lost his job today. After twelve years of being a loyal employee. I really thought it was going to happen to me before him so I feel guilty about that. He did not do anything wrong. It just did not work out.

Eric will survive this. He will find a better job at a company who wants him.

We will be fine. We will survive. We will become stronger because of this.

Tomorrow will be another day.

14 Days…

and thirteen nights. That is how long Eric was gone. Thankfully his is back.

Let’s see: On Dec. 1, he left for Miami which then he took an 8 hr flight to Buenos Aires. On Dec. 6, he came back to Miami and arrived in Chicago on Dec. 7 in the morning. Later that night, he took a flight to L.A. I only got to see him for two hours that day.
On Dec. 14, he flew back to Chicago and arrived home at 2ish.

Hopefully, no more traveling until our Disney trip in January but that is with the family. I know he will travel for work again but it is nice to have him back home. We really missed him.

Happy Halloween…

It was cold and windy.  No rain so it was fantastic.  We were invited to a Halloween party so that is where we started.  Well, Diego and I went ahead first.  Mia hadn’t taken a nap so Eric stayed at home with her.  It was a fun time.  We had food and the kids watched Ice Age.  At 5:30, we went trick or treating.  Well, Diego did.  Mia just stayed in the stroller.  I was sad because no one really saw her costume but I guarantee she looked cute.  Here are some pictures I did take:

This is Eric’s first carved pumpkin he ever did:
Happy Halloween!!!

I have to say, I was impressed.  Lots of sketches were done until this one was declared the winner.

My ferocious pirate:
My Pirate

My friendly bumble bee:
My little Bee

And both of them together:
My Little Trick or Treaters!

Not the best pictures but this is the best I can do.  It is hard to have them look at the camera at the same time. 🙂