Season Is Done…

The tournament has been canceled for the year. Due to a mishap with the Chicago Park District, there were no fields available to play on. So that is that. No 2007 CACSL tournament champion this year. Well, there is always next year. 😆

But the party continues, the end of the year party is this coming Friday. Excellent!


Softball Continues…

I know I haven’t update anything but there really hasn’t been much playing for the last few weeks.  Lots of rain postponed a few games, one make up game was forfeit by the other team and more rain happened.

Finally, the playoffs started.  Should have happened last Tuesday (postponed due to rain).  Should have been done on Saturday (again, postponed due to rain).  So here we are Tuesday night.  Traffic was horrible.  Took me 45 minutes to get up to Waveland Park.  There is a Cubs game (go Cubs!) tonight so that just messes everybody up.

We get there.  I only see three guys and one girl from our team warming up.  It is already 6:35.  The game start at 6:30.  So the guys are frantically calling the other guys and gals to see were they were.  They were stuck in traffic.  The minutes are ticking by.  Of course, the Beavers don’t want to concede.  Finally, at 7 the rest of the team show up.

And now we have a new problem:  we are short a girl.  Guess who they ask to play: me!  I was not prepared at all.  I am wearing my capri pants, sandals and a tank top.  No sports bra and no cleats.  But I played anyway.  I took off my sandals, grabbed a glove and played catcher.  I went up three times.  I popped up twice and was walked once.  Somebody pinched run for me.  She scored!!!  At least I did something right.

The problem with not wearing shoes:  I was stepped on twice by people wearing cleats.  Granted they were plastic but it still caused pain.  Just sucked it up.

The game was intense.  They were tied 11 by the end of the sixth.  By then, it was 8 and dark.  So they stopped playing and vowed to finish the last inning some other time.  Not everyone was happy with that decision but majority rules.  Let’s hope the outcome is in our favor.  Go Beavers!!!!

Softball – Week 7

No game tonight. Called due to the weather. Huge thunderstorm rolled in and out. Even though the rain is done, the fields are probably flooded. As you may recall week 4, they played in really bad fields and no one felt comfortable playing that day.

They now have two make up games to play later in the season. Go Beavers!!!

Softball – Week 6

After two back to back losses, they finally win. The score: 11-5. Not bad. They seem to play better today. A little bit aggressive but they were having fun. Lots of nail bitting and “what the %^$@?” moments but they came thru. Hope this is the beginning of something.

On the other hand, I wanted to run three miles while they were playing. I took the jogging stroller and was dressed to run but Diego did not want to do anything with it. He just wanted to watch the game and play ball. And that is what we did. 😛

Softball – Week 5

They lost.  8-6.  Not going so well this season.  They are 2-2 right now.  I am not worried thought, they still have 4 more games to go.  They need to liven things up.  Not sure what is going on with them this year.  They seem to have lost a lot of steam.

Hope the coach can pump them up soon.

Softball – Week 4

*sigh* They lost. Oh so many excuses: the field was nasty (it really was), it was cold (it was around 56 degrees), blah, blah. The team just did not look like they had it in them today. The final score: 11-2.

Although there was good news: Eric finally was able to play. His right wrist has been hurting for the past couple of months. We think is was carpal tunnel syndrome. But he got a brace for it and he had been nursing it for a while. He put himself later in the game. He did have a base hit so that is good news. 🙂

Hope next week will be a better one.

Softball Season Has Begun…

Softball season has finally begun. Eric is the coach for this co-ed softball team. They play on Tuesday nights. This is his 4th year. He wanted to retire last year but his team really likes him so he didn’t.

They played their first game today. They were down initially but they were able to get out of the hole and won, 10-8.

I went home and picked Diego up so we can go watch the team play. Diego had a grand old time as always. He was filthy by the time the game was over. The dirt on the field was all over him. His hair felt like he had a can of hairspray in there. Not giving him a bath tonight but definitely tomorrow morning.

Overall, it was a great first afternoon of softball.