Softball Continues…

I know I haven’t update anything but there really hasn’t been much playing for the last few weeks.  Lots of rain postponed a few games, one make up game was forfeit by the other team and more rain happened.

Finally, the playoffs started.  Should have happened last Tuesday (postponed due to rain).  Should have been done on Saturday (again, postponed due to rain).  So here we are Tuesday night.  Traffic was horrible.  Took me 45 minutes to get up to Waveland Park.  There is a Cubs game (go Cubs!) tonight so that just messes everybody up.

We get there.  I only see three guys and one girl from our team warming up.  It is already 6:35.  The game start at 6:30.  So the guys are frantically calling the other guys and gals to see were they were.  They were stuck in traffic.  The minutes are ticking by.  Of course, the Beavers don’t want to concede.  Finally, at 7 the rest of the team show up.

And now we have a new problem:  we are short a girl.  Guess who they ask to play: me!  I was not prepared at all.  I am wearing my capri pants, sandals and a tank top.  No sports bra and no cleats.  But I played anyway.  I took off my sandals, grabbed a glove and played catcher.  I went up three times.  I popped up twice and was walked once.  Somebody pinched run for me.  She scored!!!  At least I did something right.

The problem with not wearing shoes:  I was stepped on twice by people wearing cleats.  Granted they were plastic but it still caused pain.  Just sucked it up.

The game was intense.  They were tied 11 by the end of the sixth.  By then, it was 8 and dark.  So they stopped playing and vowed to finish the last inning some other time.  Not everyone was happy with that decision but majority rules.  Let’s hope the outcome is in our favor.  Go Beavers!!!!


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