14 Days…

and thirteen nights. That is how long Eric was gone. Thankfully his is back.

Let’s see: On Dec. 1, he left for Miami which then he took an 8 hr flight to Buenos Aires. On Dec. 6, he came back to Miami and arrived in Chicago on Dec. 7 in the morning. Later that night, he took a flight to L.A. I only got to see him for two hours that day.
On Dec. 14, he flew back to Chicago and arrived home at 2ish.

Hopefully, no more traveling until our Disney trip in January but that is with the family. I know he will travel for work again but it is nice to have him back home. We really missed him.


Vacation Itch…

We are trying to get a vacation in before the baby gets here. I spoke to the nurse as to when is the latest I can travel and she said the doctor usually recommends stopping at 34 weeks. That is cool because that gives me 8 more weeks. I think we may go right after Labor Day because all the kids would be in school and it will probably be cheaper.

Eric wants to do something with a beach-y so I suggested a Disney Cruise. I don’t think it will happen but I had to try. I have gotten ideas from San Diego to San Padre Island. I think he is going to pick some where in Mexico just because it will be cheaper. He is going to plan it so I’ll let him decide. I know he won’t disappoint me.

Oh and it would be Diego’s first airplane ride and beach anything. I hope we can do this. It would be so much fun!