Happy News…

I just found out this weekend that one of my SIL’s is having a baby too.  The best part:  She is due November 9.  I am due November 7.  It is so cool that my baby is going to have a cousin her/his age.  AND Diego is also going to be a Big Cousin too.  I would have never thought in a million years for that to happen.  So, so excited!!!


40 Weeks…

No progress. *sigh* Figures. It seems that I am heading the same way as my previous pregnancy. I was hoping for some progress but just got disappointed. But I gained 2 pounds from last week, bp is fine, heartbeat is nice and strong, 39 cm belly. Doctor really just wants me to wait. My other option is to get a planned c-section which is not what I want to so the wait will continue.

Next appointment is Nov. 12. I will be doing a NST (which is so boring, I have to remember to take a book to read). Then if I still don’t go into labor, I will probably go to the hospital on Monday, Nov. 17 but not sure yet about that.

37 Weeks…

Gained 3 pounds from last week. 😯 So now I am 171 lbs. I think it was due to my birthday dinner but I doubt my doctor agrees. I can’t remember my blood pressure but it is normal. My belly is 37 inches so the baby did grow some more. Cervix is still closed but I am 50% effaced. The baby has moved lower so that good news. But my doctor did tell me that it will be a while before the baby gets here. Heart beat still in the 140’s. My blood work came back. I am strep B positive again. So another IV whether I like it or not.

Next appointment: Oct. 24.

36 Weeks…

It was on Friday. I have been out all weekend so I haven’t had a chance to update everyone and I know everyone just sitting on the edge of their seats. 😆

I gained two pounds from four weeks ago. So now I am at 169 lbs. Not sure why only two because I have been on an ice cream binge lately. 😆

My bp was 118/69 (or something like that) so it is normal. Doctor measured my belly and it was 35 inches. Baby’s heart rate was in the 140’s. He checked my cervix and it is still closed. He thinks it will be a while before the baby comes. Everything looks normal and he is very happy about my progress. I also got some blood work done. I’ll probably get my results on Friday.

Now my appointments are weekly. 😯

6 Weeks…

…to go (+/- 2 weeks). I can’t believe it. I have survived summer which wasn’t so bad. I get tired more often. I have to go to the bathroom like very 3 hours so I don’t even get a good night sleep. Oh well.

Maybe I’ll get Eric to take a belly shot today. I really haven’t so I think it is time. 🙂

34 Weeks…

Well, here we are 4 weeks later. I took Diego to the doctor again. I was going to get an ultrasound so I wanted him to “see” the baby.

I gain four pounds so now I am up to 167 lbs. Not bad. BP is 114/92 or something like that. Belly is at 31 cm. Had an u/s to gage how the baby is growing and make sure all is okay. Baby is about 4.5 lbs. Seems that I might be having a 6 to 6.5 pounder in a few weeks. Baby is sunny-side up and head down but I am hoping it turns around soon. We even got a 3D view. Amazing! I need to scan those. We got lots and lots of pictures.

Next appointment is Oct. 10 (3 weeks) and then every week. My, how time flies.

29 Weeks…

My 4 week appointment was today.  I am now at 163 lbs, a 5 1/2 lbs increase.  Must stop eating so much.  Well, it feels that way anyway.  I just need to eat better (less junk that is) so I won’t feel so guilty for gaining weight.  My BP was 121/90 which is very good.  I also heard the baby’s heartbeat.  It is somewhere between 138 and 145 bpm.  It is so cool to hear it.  My belly is growing right on target: 28-29 cm.  So far so good.

Next appointment is Sept. 19.  I will be getting an ultrasound then too.  I hope I can take Diego so he can see the baby too

Vacation Itch…

We are trying to get a vacation in before the baby gets here. I spoke to the nurse as to when is the latest I can travel and she said the doctor usually recommends stopping at 34 weeks. That is cool because that gives me 8 more weeks. I think we may go right after Labor Day because all the kids would be in school and it will probably be cheaper.

Eric wants to do something with a beach-y so I suggested a Disney Cruise. I don’t think it will happen but I had to try. I have gotten ideas from San Diego to San Padre Island. I think he is going to pick some where in Mexico just because it will be cheaper. He is going to plan it so I’ll let him decide. I know he won’t disappoint me.

Oh and it would be Diego’s first airplane ride and beach anything. I hope we can do this. It would be so much fun!

25 Weeks…

I gained 2 1/2 pounds since my last appointment (5 weeks ago), so now I am at 157 1/2.  BP is normal.  Heard the baby’s heartbeat, it is in the 140 range.  Baby is about 1 1/2 lbs and well on its way to be 7 1/2 pounder. Doc is feeling confident of me doing a VBAC.  So far so good.

We took Diego with us this time.  The doctor had him help by measuring my belly (24 cm) and helped finding the heartbeat with the microphone.  It was really cute.  It was the first time I have take Diego to the OB since he was 6 weeks old (I think).  He was very, very good.

I also did the glucose test. It was the flat orange drink. Hope I pass. My next appointment is in 4 weeks. I also get another U/S at 34 weeks.