When I found out I was pregnant, we would ask Diego what he wanted to have: a baby brother or a baby sister? He would always respond baby sister. Now, he has started to refer to the baby as “she” never “he.” Interesting, no?

I guess we will have to wait roughly 17 weeks 4 days to see if he is right. 🙂

Just for the record, we are not wishing for one or the other at all. I don’t even have a hunch as to what I am having. Just an interesting observation.

20 Weeks…

I am at the half way mark. Crazy! I had my 20 week ultrasound. Everything looks great. The tech couldn’t complete her list of things to look for because the baby just kept moving around. Plus, it is currently breech so she had a harder time looking below the waist. Good thing we do not want to know what we are having or else it would have driven us nuts.

I have gain 4 pounds since last appointment. My BP was 99/65. Everything is progressing as it should. Next appointment is July 25. I think I will have the gestation diabetis test and another ultrasound.

Run For The Zoo 08…

Eric and I signed up to run the Run For The Zoo 2008 race for today. I decided that this was my last running race. I am 17 weeks along and even if my doctor says it is okay, I think it is better to stop now. I don’t want any problems later. If I decide to signed up for any more races, I will be doing the walks verses the runs.

Well, back to the race. It was a beautiful day at the lake front. It was probably in the low 70’s, sunny and a slight wind. We waited for the majority of the runners to go first because of the stoller. We did not want to run over anyone with that. Soon, Eric and Diego left my side. It was fine because I knew I was just going to home Eric back. I stopped twice: at the first and third water stations. I think stopping the second time added a couple of minutes to my time but I really need to rest and get some water in my system. After that, I just ran all the way to the finish line. I was so happy to see Eric and Diego waiting for me. We got some water, Gatorade, bagels and bananas. It was good to eat something.

Then we waited for Diego’s run. I had signed him up for the Gorilla Gallop. He did a few practice runs with Eric. Unfortunately, it was chaos when the run actually started. The had all the under 4 kids go first. Bad idea. I think they should have separated those kids as well. Under 2 and 3-4 should have been fine but no. Once that race started, there was a stampede. Kids fell, kids got scared, etc, etc. Then when they returned to the finish line, parents couldn’t find their children. It was just chaos. I couldn’t even take a picture of Diego because he just got lost in the sea of kids. But Eric found him and Diego got his medal. He was very happy and I guess that is what matters in the end.

So, I just looked up our times. My time was 40:48. Eric’s time was 36:42 which is really good considering he was pushing Diego on the stroller.

I guess, my racing season is over for now. Until next year.

16 Weeks…

Goodness, I am already 16 weeks (and 5 days). I had a doc appointment today. I heard the baby’s heartbeat. Forgot to ask how fast it was but it was nice to hear it. I am 150 lbs, only 1 lb gain from last month (4/28). My heart pressure was 115/60 or something like that. I had some blood work done. So far so good. Doctor is very happy with my progress. And so am I.

Yay Me…

I ran the Corporate Challenge today.  3.5 miles in 41:21.  Not bad for being almost 16 weeks along.  Last year, I ran this race in 35 plus minutes so it is not bad.  I ran the first two miles non-stop and then I walked for about 1:30 min.  Then I started running again and stopped when I saw the water station.  Once I finished my drink, I ran all the way to the end.  I am not a fast runner at all to begin with so my running was more like a slow jog.  I am very proud of myself.

Afterward, we went to the company’s tent to eat some delicious pizza.  Then we went home.  Night, night!


I’m pregnant. Yes, you have read correctly. Diego is going to be a big brother. I am currently 15 weeks 5 days along. My EDD is November 7. We had decided not to find out what we are having. We can’t wait to meet the new addition.