36 Weeks…

It was on Friday. I have been out all weekend so I haven’t had a chance to update everyone and I know everyone just sitting on the edge of their seats. 😆

I gained two pounds from four weeks ago. So now I am at 169 lbs. Not sure why only two because I have been on an ice cream binge lately. 😆

My bp was 118/69 (or something like that) so it is normal. Doctor measured my belly and it was 35 inches. Baby’s heart rate was in the 140’s. He checked my cervix and it is still closed. He thinks it will be a while before the baby comes. Everything looks normal and he is very happy about my progress. I also got some blood work done. I’ll probably get my results on Friday.

Now my appointments are weekly. 😯


1 thought on “36 Weeks…”

  1. OMGosh, seriously 36 weeks? Yikes where did the time go. I am glad its almost over and you will be holding your sweet baby soon! (((HUGS)))

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