I’m 34…

TODAY! Wow, another year has passed. Happy birthday to me! It is time to reminisce. (Can you tell I’m getting older? 😆 )

Let’s see…

  • I had my gallbladder removed on Halloween.
  • Took Diego to Disney World for the first time in November/December.
  • I got eczema in January.
  • I started running again in Feb/March.
  • Leap Day happened.
  • Diego was officially potty trained in March.
  • I found out I was pregnant in April.
  • I ran the Corporate Challenge at almost 16 weeks in May.
  • One more race (Run for the Zoo 5K) in June.
  • Diego turned 3 in July.
  • Watched the Summer Olympics in August.
  • We did our annual apple picking trip in September.
  • And the Cubs disappointed me (and everyone else) AGAIN in October.
  • There were lot of other things along the year that I didn’t include (our trip to Wisconsin Dells in May, the day that the lake in the Dells drained, watched the 3rd of July fireworks, Diego’s numerous birthday parties, etc). But over all, I had a good year. Let’s see what this year will hold for me. 🙂


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