Guess who just turned 7 years old?? This girl:

She is such a big girl now. She can ride a bike, almost swim, is in 1st grade, lost all here front teeth, she’s 48 in tall.  Love my girl. 


guess who is…

is six? This girl!!!!



I can’t believe she is six already.  I don’t have her deets yet so I will update later for that.

Things that happened in her fifth year (in no particular order):

  • she finished her last year of preschool
  • she learned how to ride a bike this summer
  • she started kindergarten
  • she has two boyfriends (OMG!)
  • she joined the Daisies
  • she has lost two teeth
  • she had her first sleepover
  • got her first mani/pedi
  • went to Mexico for the first time

I’m sure I am missing so much.  She is so busy and loving it.  Let’s see what adventures my six year old gets into this year.

Happy birthday to my Pirate Princess Daisy!  Love you twenty hundreds and all the numbers in the world!!!

he’s six…

Happy 6th Birthday Diego!!!

Birthday Boy

Let’s see:
height 44 1/2 inches
weight 47 lbs

Only one doctor’s visit between get well visits (he had his first ever ear infection in February), he is in great health. Let’s keep it that way.

I can’t believe he is six already. He is becoming such a great boy. He loves his sports, loves school and loves his little sister. Before you know it, he will be in college. *sigh* Must not think about it.

I love you very much Diego. Keep being who you are.

she’s two…

She's Two!!!

Mia is officially two. Two years ago, my little girl came into my world and completed my family. I love her to bits. I still can’t believe that my little baby girl is now a toddler girl.

Happy 2nd birthday Mia! I love you so much. *smooch*

happy birthday to me…

I am 36. Woot, woot! I had a wonderful day. The weather couldn’t have been any better. It was a spectacular fall day: sunny in the low 70s.

I spent the entire day with my family. It actually started very early: Eric ran his Chicago Urbanathlon. Then we went to the Pumpkins In the Park 5k race which I ran. The kiddos did their races. Mia ran 10 yards and Diego did the 50 yard one. They did wonderfully. I ran 36:25 which is not bad.

My 35th year was good. Can’t complain too much. We went to Disney in January and ran the marathon (first one ever!). I also ran the Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon in August. Although, I did spent the first five months of the year with a continuous cold that just wouldn’t go away. I guess I can complain about that one.

I hope my 36th year will be a good one. It started great!

he’s FIVE…

He is 43 inches tall (grew three inches in one year) and weighs 42 pounds. He is right in the middle of the curve. Eric is convinced that he is going to be short. I think he will be fine. He got one shot and one finger prick which he did fine.

As of yesterday, he had been introduced to Silly Banz, the regular Legos and the Leaptser2. He got so much stuff for his birthday, it looked like Christmas in our house.

And I wanted to add that he got a haircut. The shortest it has ever been. Not sure if I like it though but he still looks very handsome. 🙂

So know I have an official five year old going to kindergarden in the fall. How time flies!!!


Happy birthday Diego!!! I love you!

Happy 1st Birthday Mia…

I can’t believe that Mia is now one year old. I really can’t say that if flew by with this one. I am basically a walking zombie. 😀 She just won’t sleep thru the night. Only twice she has done it. I guess when she finally does, it will much more sweeter.

But really, if that is the only thing I can complain about, I am blessed. She is such a wonderful little girl. She is walking, starting to talk more, starting to give kisses (sigh) and I am sure there will be more.

Loved by her parents and adored by her big brother, Diego. I am so happy she is in our life. *sigh*

Here is she is two days old doing her diva pose:

And here is her birthday pose:
My little one is ONE!

Her one year get well appointment is Nov. 27 so it will be a while before I put up her stats.

Happy birthday Mia! Love you lots.

I’m 35…

TODAY!!! Woohoo! My annual list of things that happened to me while I was 34.

  • November: I had a beautiful little girl
  • December and January: Stayed home
  • February: Went back to work. 😦
  • March: Started running again
  • April: ?
  • May: Ran the Corporate Challenge
  • June: Got my iPhone and went to Michigan City, IN
  • July: Planned an awesome birthday party for a four year old
  • August: Ran my second 1/2 marathon and went to Lollapalooza
  • September: Officially a pre-schooler mom
  • That is about it. Hopefully I will have a great year. My biggest birthday wish is that Mia would finally sleep thru the night. Let see how long it will be until my wish comes true. 😆

    I’m 34…

    TODAY! Wow, another year has passed. Happy birthday to me! It is time to reminisce. (Can you tell I’m getting older? 😆 )

    Let’s see…

  • I had my gallbladder removed on Halloween.
  • Took Diego to Disney World for the first time in November/December.
  • I got eczema in January.
  • I started running again in Feb/March.
  • Leap Day happened.
  • Diego was officially potty trained in March.
  • I found out I was pregnant in April.
  • I ran the Corporate Challenge at almost 16 weeks in May.
  • One more race (Run for the Zoo 5K) in June.
  • Diego turned 3 in July.
  • Watched the Summer Olympics in August.
  • We did our annual apple picking trip in September.
  • And the Cubs disappointed me (and everyone else) AGAIN in October.
  • There were lot of other things along the year that I didn’t include (our trip to Wisconsin Dells in May, the day that the lake in the Dells drained, watched the 3rd of July fireworks, Diego’s numerous birthday parties, etc). But over all, I had a good year. Let’s see what this year will hold for me. 🙂

    Happy 3rd Birthday…

    To my little man, Diego, who at 12:54 am made his grand appearance in this world. I can’t believe how three years have gone by so quickly. I will never forget the “angel kisses” on your nose and the spit bubbles that had formed on your lips when I first saw you. The way you looked at us wondering who the heck we were. It has been an interesting ride and it’s a ride I don’t want to get off. I hope this day will be a good one for you.

    Hugs and Kisses, Mama

    1st Picture