Happy 1st Birthday Mia…

I can’t believe that Mia is now one year old. I really can’t say that if flew by with this one. I am basically a walking zombie. 😀 She just won’t sleep thru the night. Only twice she has done it. I guess when she finally does, it will much more sweeter.

But really, if that is the only thing I can complain about, I am blessed. She is such a wonderful little girl. She is walking, starting to talk more, starting to give kisses (sigh) and I am sure there will be more.

Loved by her parents and adored by her big brother, Diego. I am so happy she is in our life. *sigh*

Here is she is two days old doing her diva pose:

And here is her birthday pose:
My little one is ONE!

Her one year get well appointment is Nov. 27 so it will be a while before I put up her stats.

Happy birthday Mia! Love you lots.


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