happy birthday to me…

I am 36. Woot, woot! I had a wonderful day. The weather couldn’t have been any better. It was a spectacular fall day: sunny in the low 70s.

I spent the entire day with my family. It actually started very early: Eric ran his Chicago Urbanathlon. Then we went to the Pumpkins In the Park 5k race which I ran. The kiddos did their races. Mia ran 10 yards and Diego did the 50 yard one. They did wonderfully. I ran 36:25 which is not bad.

My 35th year was good. Can’t complain too much. We went to Disney in January and ran the marathon (first one ever!). I also ran the Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon in August. Although, I did spent the first five months of the year with a continuous cold that just wouldn’t go away. I guess I can complain about that one.

I hope my 36th year will be a good one. It started great!


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