I’m 35…

TODAY!!! Woohoo! My annual list of things that happened to me while I was 34.

  • November: I had a beautiful little girl
  • December and January: Stayed home
  • February: Went back to work. 😦
  • March: Started running again
  • April: ?
  • May: Ran the Corporate Challenge
  • June: Got my iPhone and went to Michigan City, IN
  • July: Planned an awesome birthday party for a four year old
  • August: Ran my second 1/2 marathon and went to Lollapalooza
  • September: Officially a pre-schooler mom
  • That is about it. Hopefully I will have a great year. My biggest birthday wish is that Mia would finally sleep thru the night. Let see how long it will be until my wish comes true. 😆


    1 thought on “I’m 35…”

    1. Happy Birthday (again) Sounds like a great year to me. I hope this year turns out to be just as good if not even better!

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