So Close…

Mia took three steps today. She has been taking a half a step for the past few weeks but never a full step until tonight. THREE.WHOLE.STEPS. So excited for her but another challenge for us. 😆 We were trying to get her to do it again but she got wise and would just drop on her tush and crawl. She is so close to walking. I have a feeling she may be walking by her birthday. 😯

Another teeth update: Her upper front tooth (the right one) finally cut thru her gum. I thought that day wasn’t going to get here soon enough. And I think there will be more coming because I feel her right one and you can see the whites for the other ones too. She may be getting all four upper teeth coming at once. Poor baby.

I am hoping once all those teeth cut thru, she will sleep better at night. We’ll see.*crossing fingers*


1 thought on “So Close…”

  1. There is no way she is old enough to walk yet. NOPE not going to believe you. 😉

    Teething is the worst, but at least she will get them all done at once and the rest shouldn’t be so bad. ((HUGS))

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