Softball Widow…

And it begins. Again. Tuesday night softball league starts today. It ends somewhere in August. Wheeeeee!

ETA: Game was cancelled tonight. It was/has been raining since last night so the fields are probably mush. I guess my widow status will wait another week. 😛


14 Days…

and thirteen nights. That is how long Eric was gone. Thankfully his is back.

Let’s see: On Dec. 1, he left for Miami which then he took an 8 hr flight to Buenos Aires. On Dec. 6, he came back to Miami and arrived in Chicago on Dec. 7 in the morning. Later that night, he took a flight to L.A. I only got to see him for two hours that day.
On Dec. 14, he flew back to Chicago and arrived home at 2ish.

Hopefully, no more traveling until our Disney trip in January but that is with the family. I know he will travel for work again but it is nice to have him back home. We really missed him.

Happy Halloween…

It was cold and windy.  No rain so it was fantastic.  We were invited to a Halloween party so that is where we started.  Well, Diego and I went ahead first.  Mia hadn’t taken a nap so Eric stayed at home with her.  It was a fun time.  We had food and the kids watched Ice Age.  At 5:30, we went trick or treating.  Well, Diego did.  Mia just stayed in the stroller.  I was sad because no one really saw her costume but I guarantee she looked cute.  Here are some pictures I did take:

This is Eric’s first carved pumpkin he ever did:
Happy Halloween!!!

I have to say, I was impressed.  Lots of sketches were done until this one was declared the winner.

My ferocious pirate:
My Pirate

My friendly bumble bee:
My little Bee

And both of them together:
My Little Trick or Treaters!

Not the best pictures but this is the best I can do.  It is hard to have them look at the camera at the same time. 🙂

Apple Picking ’08…

We went to Apple Holler today. We got there at about 8:15. We had some breakfast from the buffet (yummy!) and then off to what we went there: apple picking!! Even though they have lots of different kinds of apples, the only one we picked was Honey Crisps. Oh, they are so sweet and crunchy.

Here is my annual picture of Diego and Eric:


Next year, there will probably a new little head peeking out of the wagon. 🙂

Click on the Honey Crisp apple to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for looking!

Honey Crisp Apple

Oh and wanted to add that we got some caramel apples with mixed nuts and an apple pie. Yum, yum, yum!!!

Long Weekend…

We were off from Friday until Tuesday (well, Eric had Thursday off too but I’m not counting that. 😆 ).

The rundown on the weekend:

Thursday: After work, I went to a condo-warming party down the street. Stayed until 8 pm then went home. Eric came home at 1 am.

Friday: I got Eric up to go to Brookfield zoo. I wanted to be there at 9:30 am when they opened but alas, he was hung over and we made it a little past 10 am so it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t see much of the zoo but it was beautiful day to go. Diego wanted to see the monkeys so that is the first thing we did. We did the Sting-ray exhibit but Diego got bored plus he did not want to get wet but I was able to touch one. Kinda hard to bend over with the belly in the way. 🙂 We took a break to eat our snacks. Diego saw the playground so we hung out there for a while. We then went to see the Dolphin show. We decided we were done. But on the way out, Diego saw the Merry Go Round and wanted to get on. So he did with Eric. THEN we finally left the zoo.

My SIL’s shower was on Saturday so we needed to get a gift. We went to BRU for a shower gift. Then went to the mall and bought Diego new bedding at Pottery Barn kids.

Saturday: After months and months of wanting to get my hair cut, I finally got my hair cut. Then we went to the baby shower.

Sunday: We went out for breakfast at a new place, Meli Cafe. It was yummy! I had the Honey Cakes, Diego had the waffles and Eric had the Rocky Mountain skillet. Next time, Eric wants to try the crepes and I will have to try the french toast. Too bad they don’t have a children’s menu considering that a lot of kids were there.

Later that afternoon, we went to a block party right across the park. That was fun. Diego played with his friends and we ate and ate. 😛

Monday: We went to Milwaukee for the afternoon. Hung out with Eddie and Maggie. We also met Amy, Ana’s little girl. She was born 10-12 weeks premature. But she is doing really well and she now weighs 4 pounds considering she weighed 2 pounds at birth. All she needs to do before going home is learning how to eat on her own. I am sure she will be able to do it soon.

Tuesday: We wanted to go apple picking today but the apples we want are not ready. So we postponed the trip a couple of weeks. Instead, we finally went to see Wall-E. Diego really liked it and so did we. It is such a brilliant movie, I can’t wait for it on DVD. Afterwards, we went to eat some dinner, then hit the playground and then home.

So now, I am back at work. 😛

To The Movies…

We decided to take Diego to see Kung Fu Panda. His second movie at the theater. He did really well. Only problem was he kept asking (loud) questions during the movie. I also noticed that he would lose interest in the movie when Po (the panda hero) wasn’t on. Once he showed up, Diego was happy as a clam. He did request to go to the bathroom once which Eric took him but he didn’t go.

The movie was funny. There was a sequence with Po and his master which dealt with dumplings and chopsticks. Hilarious!!

Over all, he did well and will take him to the movies again.