Apple Picking ’08…

We went to Apple Holler today. We got there at about 8:15. We had some breakfast from the buffet (yummy!) and then off to what we went there: apple picking!! Even though they have lots of different kinds of apples, the only one we picked was Honey Crisps. Oh, they are so sweet and crunchy.

Here is my annual picture of Diego and Eric:


Next year, there will probably a new little head peeking out of the wagon. 🙂

Click on the Honey Crisp apple to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for looking!

Honey Crisp Apple

Oh and wanted to add that we got some caramel apples with mixed nuts and an apple pie. Yum, yum, yum!!!

Long Weekend…

We were off from Friday until Tuesday (well, Eric had Thursday off too but I’m not counting that. 😆 ).

The rundown on the weekend:

Thursday: After work, I went to a condo-warming party down the street. Stayed until 8 pm then went home. Eric came home at 1 am.

Friday: I got Eric up to go to Brookfield zoo. I wanted to be there at 9:30 am when they opened but alas, he was hung over and we made it a little past 10 am so it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t see much of the zoo but it was beautiful day to go. Diego wanted to see the monkeys so that is the first thing we did. We did the Sting-ray exhibit but Diego got bored plus he did not want to get wet but I was able to touch one. Kinda hard to bend over with the belly in the way. 🙂 We took a break to eat our snacks. Diego saw the playground so we hung out there for a while. We then went to see the Dolphin show. We decided we were done. But on the way out, Diego saw the Merry Go Round and wanted to get on. So he did with Eric. THEN we finally left the zoo.

My SIL’s shower was on Saturday so we needed to get a gift. We went to BRU for a shower gift. Then went to the mall and bought Diego new bedding at Pottery Barn kids.

Saturday: After months and months of wanting to get my hair cut, I finally got my hair cut. Then we went to the baby shower.

Sunday: We went out for breakfast at a new place, Meli Cafe. It was yummy! I had the Honey Cakes, Diego had the waffles and Eric had the Rocky Mountain skillet. Next time, Eric wants to try the crepes and I will have to try the french toast. Too bad they don’t have a children’s menu considering that a lot of kids were there.

Later that afternoon, we went to a block party right across the park. That was fun. Diego played with his friends and we ate and ate. 😛

Monday: We went to Milwaukee for the afternoon. Hung out with Eddie and Maggie. We also met Amy, Ana’s little girl. She was born 10-12 weeks premature. But she is doing really well and she now weighs 4 pounds considering she weighed 2 pounds at birth. All she needs to do before going home is learning how to eat on her own. I am sure she will be able to do it soon.

Tuesday: We wanted to go apple picking today but the apples we want are not ready. So we postponed the trip a couple of weeks. Instead, we finally went to see Wall-E. Diego really liked it and so did we. It is such a brilliant movie, I can’t wait for it on DVD. Afterwards, we went to eat some dinner, then hit the playground and then home.

So now, I am back at work. 😛

To The Movies…

We decided to take Diego to see Kung Fu Panda. His second movie at the theater. He did really well. Only problem was he kept asking (loud) questions during the movie. I also noticed that he would lose interest in the movie when Po (the panda hero) wasn’t on. Once he showed up, Diego was happy as a clam. He did request to go to the bathroom once which Eric took him but he didn’t go.

The movie was funny. There was a sequence with Po and his master which dealt with dumplings and chopsticks. Hilarious!!

Over all, he did well and will take him to the movies again.

Run For The Zoo 08…

Eric and I signed up to run the Run For The Zoo 2008 race for today. I decided that this was my last running race. I am 17 weeks along and even if my doctor says it is okay, I think it is better to stop now. I don’t want any problems later. If I decide to signed up for any more races, I will be doing the walks verses the runs.

Well, back to the race. It was a beautiful day at the lake front. It was probably in the low 70’s, sunny and a slight wind. We waited for the majority of the runners to go first because of the stoller. We did not want to run over anyone with that. Soon, Eric and Diego left my side. It was fine because I knew I was just going to home Eric back. I stopped twice: at the first and third water stations. I think stopping the second time added a couple of minutes to my time but I really need to rest and get some water in my system. After that, I just ran all the way to the finish line. I was so happy to see Eric and Diego waiting for me. We got some water, Gatorade, bagels and bananas. It was good to eat something.

Then we waited for Diego’s run. I had signed him up for the Gorilla Gallop. He did a few practice runs with Eric. Unfortunately, it was chaos when the run actually started. The had all the under 4 kids go first. Bad idea. I think they should have separated those kids as well. Under 2 and 3-4 should have been fine but no. Once that race started, there was a stampede. Kids fell, kids got scared, etc, etc. Then when they returned to the finish line, parents couldn’t find their children. It was just chaos. I couldn’t even take a picture of Diego because he just got lost in the sea of kids. But Eric found him and Diego got his medal. He was very happy and I guess that is what matters in the end.

So, I just looked up our times. My time was 40:48. Eric’s time was 36:42 which is really good considering he was pushing Diego on the stroller.

I guess, my racing season is over for now. Until next year.

Good Day…

Wow! I don’t think I have spent a whole day with Diego in a long time. We dropped Eric off at the airport this morning at around 7:30ish. Thankfully, he was able to check his luggage and make his flight. So we came back home since nothing is really open at 8 am. So far so good.

We got home, Diego watched Blue and Mickey Mouse. I stacked books that seemed to entertained him. But by the time is was 11, Diego threw his first and only tantrum of the day. So I did what I had to do, it was time for a nap.

He got up at 12:30. We ate lunch and off to Babies R Us to get some shopping done. Then we went to Factory Card Outlet to see if I could find any birthday accessories. Nada. While we were there, he saw a plastic bat and ball. So the entire time we were there, he just carried it. So it was time to leave, I had to tell him he had to leave the toy. At first, he did not want to but then after telling him that he has lots of bats and balls at home, he let go. No tantrum thrown at all. He even walked to the place where the bat went. So proud!

I noticed that there was a drive thru Starbuck so we drove up and order a Chai and a chocolate chip cookie for a special treat for Diego. He was really, really good at the stores. I gave him a piece of cookie and off we went. So I was driving on 290 going home, when Diego requests more cookie. I told him I couldn’t because I was driving. So he proceeds to tell me to stop the car so I can give him more cookie! I am in the middle of the expressway. 😆 Told him once we got home, I would give him more cookie. That made him happy and was quiet the rest of the ride home.

We got home, ate cookie, played, ate dinner, watched tv, played more and colored. Then it was time for night, night and he went right to sleep.

I think it was a good day, don’t ya agree?

It’s Going To Be…

…a long week.

Eric is going to Orlando for the week. He leaves tomorrow morning and coming back Friday night. So tomorrow, we drop Eric at the airport and then it is just me and Diego for the day. I have no idea what to do tomorrow since it is going to be cold and raining. I was planning to run the Race Good For Life tomorrow but the weather is not going to be cooperative. So I am going to pass. Maybe we’ll drive to Woodfield and hang out there. But I just don’t know.

Wish me luck!

Snowy Sunday…

It snowed about 5-8 inches overnight. We probably got about 6 inches. It is so pretty. I woke up to this this morning and the snow was just tapering off. It was cloudy but the weatherman said it was going to be sunny later in the day.

Our little balcony table looked like it had an ice cream cake on it:
Snowy Balcony

You see the guys shoveling the snow:
Our Back Alley

Then I checked out the front. We have no side walks!
No Sidewalks

Looking towards downtown:
Cloudy Morning

So later in the day, the sun did come out. The weatherman was right, who would’ve thought that! 😛

So we decided to go around the neighborhood with Diego in his sled.
Sled Ride Around the 'Hood

We saw a snowman sunning himself:
Sunning Snowman

We found a tiny hill (well, it is not really a hill, but it had a nice slope to it) and Diego went sledding on it:

At the top:
At The Top

Just about ready to come down:
Getting Ready

On his way down:
Down He Goes

At the bottom and happy:
Having a Ball!

Now it Mom’s turn:
Mom's Turn

Saw this pretty snow covered tree:
Pretty Snowy Tree

And it was time to go back home:
Going Home

It was a great time. Who knows if we will get another snow fall like this one this season so we had to go out and enjoy it.

Sick, Sick, Sick…

We are now all officially sick.  I started last week Tuesday, Diego started on Thursday and Eric got sick this weekend.  I am feeling better and so is Diego.  Eric is of course miserable but before he knows it, he will be okay.

I am glad we all got sick before we go on vacation.  I am also secretly happy (although Eric already knows this) that Eric got sick too.  All last week I was bugging him if I could purposely get him sick so he can get it now vs. later and possibly be sick during vacation.  He thinks that I licked his toothbrush and that is why he is sick.  Hee hee!

Only 12 more days until Disney World!!!

Pumpkins In the Park…

We had a fun run at Lincoln Park on Saturday. It was the Pumpkins In The Park 5K. Anyone could dress up if they wanted to. I wore my Mickey Sorcerer ears that I got 7 years ago. Diego got to wear his giraffe costume. We had a hard time keeping it on him since it is very warm and fussy. Eric came as a runner. =) We barely arrived in time for the Kids Spooky Sprints.

I lined Diego up with the other 2 year olds. I was telling he needed to run towards Papa. Eric was at the finish line by then and waved to make sure he got Diego’s attention. Diego knew where he was. So they blew the air horn and Diego took off. He easily won his sprint. He looked really adorable running. Check out the video of Diego’s Sprint. The problem was the once he got to the finish line, he did not run towards Papa like we hoped, he just kept going. I was running right behind him. Fortunately, another parent saw what was happening, he was able to reach out and stop him. What a kid!

Runaway Giraffe
Runaway Giraffe

All the little kids got a medal which is really cute. It is the logo of the race. Of course he wore it proudly for about 5 minutes and then wanted to remove his costume.

Giraffe and The Mouse

My Little Pumpkin

So then the adults got ready for the 5K. I had the honor of pushing Diego in the stroller. There was a lot of runners and it was a small path were we had to start. Once the air horn blew, we waited a bit so we can get in the line. It was a great run. It was overcast and in the low 60’s. There were a couple of bottlenecks but we survived. Eric ran his race in 32:20 and I ran in 34:26, which was really slow but I was pushing a jogging stroller. =)

Afterward, we got some water, Gatorade, bananas, apples and cheese pizza. We had some free beer coupons. Eric happily went to get the beer. We stuck around for a bit. There were lots of families with their young kids like us. We are definitely going to participate again next year. It was such a great party.

Diego and his Papa

Diego and his Mama
Cheese Again!