54 Degrees…

That was the temperature at 10 am today. So what did we do? We went to the zoo. It was cloudy and bit windy but it was a a really nice morning to go. It hit 60 degrees today which broke the record of 54 degrees. Crazy considering it is January 6. It should be about 58 degrees tomorrow.

But we mustn’t forget it is still winter: It should be in the 30’s by Friday. 🙂


Snowy Sunday…

It snowed about 5-8 inches overnight. We probably got about 6 inches. It is so pretty. I woke up to this this morning and the snow was just tapering off. It was cloudy but the weatherman said it was going to be sunny later in the day.

Our little balcony table looked like it had an ice cream cake on it:
Snowy Balcony

You see the guys shoveling the snow:
Our Back Alley

Then I checked out the front. We have no side walks!
No Sidewalks

Looking towards downtown:
Cloudy Morning

So later in the day, the sun did come out. The weatherman was right, who would’ve thought that! 😛

So we decided to go around the neighborhood with Diego in his sled.
Sled Ride Around the 'Hood

We saw a snowman sunning himself:
Sunning Snowman

We found a tiny hill (well, it is not really a hill, but it had a nice slope to it) and Diego went sledding on it:

At the top:
At The Top

Just about ready to come down:
Getting Ready

On his way down:
Down He Goes

At the bottom and happy:
Having a Ball!

Now it Mom’s turn:
Mom's Turn

Saw this pretty snow covered tree:
Pretty Snowy Tree

And it was time to go back home:
Going Home

It was a great time. Who knows if we will get another snow fall like this one this season so we had to go out and enjoy it.