Freaking Cold…

It is 18 degrees outside but it feels like 9 degrees with the wind chill factor.  Why don’t people bundle up?  I saw a bunch of people not wearing a hat and/or had their coat unzipped this morning as I was hurrying to work.  It is not that hard people!  As long as I am nice and warm, I will just chuckle at those people. Hee, hee!


54 Degrees…

That was the temperature at 10 am today. So what did we do? We went to the zoo. It was cloudy and bit windy but it was a a really nice morning to go. It hit 60 degrees today which broke the record of 54 degrees. Crazy considering it is January 6. It should be about 58 degrees tomorrow.

But we mustn’t forget it is still winter: It should be in the 30’s by Friday. 🙂

90 Degrees…

That was the temperature at 10:30 this morning while watching the Chicago Marathon. I heard later that the race was called off at about 11 am and all the runners that made it to the half way point at that time were diverted back to Grant Park. Any runner that had past this point would be allowed to finish. It was just crazy hot.

We went out there at 9 am to see the lead runners run by. We were sitting between the 19th and 20th miles about 1/4 mile away from the 20th mile. By 9:15ish, the two lead male on wheelchairs flew right by us. They looked so intense and did not even look like they were racing. It was amazing. A few more wheelchair racers flew by including the first female in the lead.

About ten minutes later, we saw some cars coming. One of the cars was the official pace truck that had the time on top of it. There was a cluster of 5 males running behind it. Their time was 1:38 at that time. It was really great. We cheered them on.

By then, more wheelchair runners were coming so we decided to take a walk along part of the course. I didn’t even realized how close we were to the 20 mile mark. Lots of people were rooting all the runners. There were little girls doing cheers. Loud speakers blaring feel good music. We got one of those cow bells so Diego had a field day clanking it while we were there.

About 20 minutes after the men leads ran by, we saw another pace truck coming. I knew the female lead runners were right behind them. Now that is what I was waiting for. It was really an inspiration to see them run in preparation for my half marathon. I just hope that it isn’t 90 degrees then. 🙂

Beautiful Saturday…

It was gorgeous today. It hit 76 degrees, sunny and clear. Our morning start early.

We went for a run. I ran about 2.6 miles and Eric ran/walked the 2.6 miles. Mostly ran but he stopped for a bit, but I want to add that he was pushing Diego on a jogging stroller and I wasn’t.

Afterwards, we went for a cool down walk. Went home and showered. After a while, Diego took a nap. We figured he was going to sleep for about 1 hour. Nope, he slept for almost three hours. 😯 He hasn’t done that in our presence in a long time. I was able to take an hour nap.

After he woke up, we went to the playground. Diego always has a good time. He like to play with the older kids, 3-5 year olds. Good thing they know him because they have patience with him.

Once we were done there, we walked to Cold Stone Creamery. I had the Berry Berry Berry Good and Eric had the Cookie Mintser. We shared with Diego and he loved it. He kept going from me to Eric back to me and so forth. 😀

After that, we walked around the neighborhood. We went into the UIC fields and watched the ending of the Women’s Softball game. The last swing of the game produced a three run home run. Very exciting!!

When we got home, we watched Blue’s Clues and Jack’s Big Music Show. Then Diego took a bath and off to bed he soon went.

It was a beautiful day and tomorrow it promises to be another (it supposed to hit 78 degrees).

A Very Good Friday…

I am still tired from yesterday. We (well, not so much me but I helped when I could) started cooking since 7 am and did not stop until 2 pm. The menu included Lima Bean Soup, Shrimp Cocktail, and Stuffed Peppers with rice. It was a lot of food. The good think almost everyone made it: my parents, my ILs, my aunt & family, oldest brother and youngest nephew, and surprise guests: Eric’s grandparents. Everyone eat a little of everything. We had a little bit of leftovers that we ate today. We still have Lima Bean Soup and some stuffed peppers left but everything else is gone. That is always a good thing.

Diego on the other hand came out ahead. He got some Little People presents. He got the Little People™ Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains book, Little People Books and a Little People The Big Parade Interactive Sound Book. And he also got some $$$. Lucky kid! =)

I am not sure if we are still going to Milwaukee tomorrow. It is going to hit 40 degrees tomorrow but up there it is only going to hit 38. Still cold. Brrrr! Whatever ever Eric says it will be fine with me.

Stupid person…

We were driving home last night.  It was snowing and snowing.  We were driving on an unplowed side street, you know the kind the city plows last.  We were heading towards a intersection with the green light for us.  Eric was probably driving 10-15 mph.  We saw a guy who starts crossing the street without even looking to see if anyone is coming. Eric softly starts to break but he started to slide. Thankfully, the guy was already more that half way across the street but still! If he would have hit the guy, whose fault would it be? Eric’s of course.  I just couldn’t wait to get home.

I wonder what the guys was think when he decided to cross the street.  There was a bus stopped at corner so maybe he just wanted to get to it.  But still, should he just look both ways before crossing the street?  He did not even do that.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

According to the meterologist, the storm advisery is extended from midnight to 9 am tomorrow.  I just can’t wait for this snowstorm to be over.

Holiday Magic…

We went to check out Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic today. It was a cool 42 degrees with a slight breeze. A good night to go check the event.

When we got there, there was a leopard, a monkey and a wolf. He waived hello to the first two animals. We saw the other one in passing.

I checked the map to see what time the laser show started. The next one started at 5:30 which we only had to wait for 10 minutes. It was a cute show but it was not very impressive. Glad to know that we only waited 10 minutes for it. While walking around, we contemplated what to do next.

So we went to check out the dolphins. Since there were stairs to get to the viewing windows, I stayed behind and watch both of them go get a closer look. There were three swimming around! You can tell there was a baby dolphin in there. Diego squealed with delight. It was really cute.

So from there, we went to the Swamp. It was kinda dark in there since it was late and they turned off the lights so the animals can go to sleep. I don’t know how since there were lots of people checking them out. We saw wood storks, a crocodile, turtles, otters and a salamander. Diego was mesmerized by the otter that was swimming around.

From there we walked by the bears. We almost walked by the brown bear exhibit since he wasn’t out yet. But he made an appearance. Then we saw a polar bear. The carolers were singing to him. Kinda interesting since the polar bear looked like he was sleeping (or maybe he was just bored!). =)

Then we started to walk back to the car. We checked out the many Christmas trees they had. It was beautiful. Lots and lots of lights. You could see Diego checking everything out. Even the gross snow.

We were really only there for about one hour. It was dark, cold and it was almost time for Diego to go to bed.

As we walked by the main fountain, Eric captured the moment at the end.
Diego and mommy!

65 and sunny!

OMG!  Can you believe this?  It is 65 degrees and sunny outside.  I guess this is our Indian Summer.  It has been like this since yesterday.  Too bad it is forcasted to be 49 and rainy tomorrow.  Let’s enjoy the day. 🙂

Ran my second 5K…

I finally got around posting my second race details. 
What: Frank Lloyd Wright 5K race
Where: Oak Park, IL
When: Sunday, October 8, 2006 at 8 AM
Who: Manda and I
It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  It was great running weather.  The course is very flat, no hills. This is probably why we finished it in 37:46 even though we took a small walking break to have some water. Diego and Eric were there to cheer us on. They saw us between the mile mark and the half way point. Then we saw them right before the finish line. That made me smile! Now Manda is trying to get me to run another 5k on November 5. I have over three weeks to think about it. 🙂