Holiday Magic…

We went to check out Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic today. It was a cool 42 degrees with a slight breeze. A good night to go check the event.

When we got there, there was a leopard, a monkey and a wolf. He waived hello to the first two animals. We saw the other one in passing.

I checked the map to see what time the laser show started. The next one started at 5:30 which we only had to wait for 10 minutes. It was a cute show but it was not very impressive. Glad to know that we only waited 10 minutes for it. While walking around, we contemplated what to do next.

So we went to check out the dolphins. Since there were stairs to get to the viewing windows, I stayed behind and watch both of them go get a closer look. There were three swimming around! You can tell there was a baby dolphin in there. Diego squealed with delight. It was really cute.

So from there, we went to the Swamp. It was kinda dark in there since it was late and they turned off the lights so the animals can go to sleep. I don’t know how since there were lots of people checking them out. We saw wood storks, a crocodile, turtles, otters and a salamander. Diego was mesmerized by the otter that was swimming around.

From there we walked by the bears. We almost walked by the brown bear exhibit since he wasn’t out yet. But he made an appearance. Then we saw a polar bear. The carolers were singing to him. Kinda interesting since the polar bear looked like he was sleeping (or maybe he was just bored!). =)

Then we started to walk back to the car. We checked out the many Christmas trees they had. It was beautiful. Lots and lots of lights. You could see Diego checking everything out. Even the gross snow.

We were really only there for about one hour. It was dark, cold and it was almost time for Diego to go to bed.

As we walked by the main fountain, Eric captured the moment at the end.
Diego and mommy!


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