Airplane watching…

After getting Diego ready for bed (after the diaper & sock change, into the pajamas & after reading his nursery book), he wanted to look outside.  So I opened his shade.  His room is at the back of the floor which over looks the driveway.  Not an impressive view but Diego was pointing everything out.  The driveway lamp, the lights from other houses, and even the dryer vent, since it was venting.  I then saw a plane overhead which I pointed to Diego.  Oh my, was he excited.  He pointed to it and looked at me with a big smile.  So then for the next 15 minutes, we just sat there waiting for planes to show up.  Of course when I closed the shade and told him it was time for bed, he was not a happy camper.  😦  But it was a great few minutes to hang out and watch the planes flying by.


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