Happy October!!!

I know this is few days late but it is better late than never. 

October 1 was a beautiful day.  It was in low 70s and sunny.  So we decided to go apple picking at Apple Holler.  It is about an hour north of Chicago. We had a great time. We had the breakfast buffet there. Diego really liked the cinnamon apple oatmeal. He couldn’t get enough. After breakfast, we went apple picking.  We rented a small wagon for Diego.  The best $2 ever spent.  We picked Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathons, and Northern Spys.  Afterward, Diego knocked out in the car on the way home.  It was a good day! Click on the Read More link to see pictures.
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Weekend Recap…

Friday –   It has been a long time since I had gone out and partied.  We went out for the end of the year softball party.  I had a little bit to drink, danced, and had adult conversation (well, if you consider yelling a “conversation”).  Then we went to eat at a 24 hour diner.  We then went to Becky’s birthday party for a little while.  We left at 1:40 am.  We were in bed by 2 am.

Saturday – Got up at 7:00.  Diego was my alarm clock. 🙂   I had to get Diego ready to go to My Little Gym.  Eric and Diego had breakfast, I had none.  Then we left.  Diego and Eric went to the gym and I went to catch the bus.  It was a beautiful day to go running.  The race started at 9:55.  There were lots of people there so the beginning of the race of a little bit crowded.  But once everyone spaced out it was fine.  I ran the whole thing.  My time was 37:18.  I was very surprised because I thought my time was going to be over 40 minutes.  I saw Diego and Eric waiting for me at the finish line.  That made me very happy.

Sunday – We basically just hung out at home.  Saw the Bears beat the Lions 34 – 7.  Go Bears!!

Happy Labor Day…

Well, it is the beginning of the end of summer.  I know we will probably have a few more hot days but it won’t be the same anymore.  The mornings and nights will be cool.  And the days will get shorter.  Alas, once we were complaining about the hot weather, now we will start complaining on how cold it is getting.  A never-ending cycle.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.