Weekend Recap…

Friday –   It has been a long time since I had gone out and partied.  We went out for the end of the year softball party.  I had a little bit to drink, danced, and had adult conversation (well, if you consider yelling a “conversation”).  Then we went to eat at a 24 hour diner.  We then went to Becky’s birthday party for a little while.  We left at 1:40 am.  We were in bed by 2 am.

Saturday – Got up at 7:00.  Diego was my alarm clock. 🙂   I had to get Diego ready to go to My Little Gym.  Eric and Diego had breakfast, I had none.  Then we left.  Diego and Eric went to the gym and I went to catch the bus.  It was a beautiful day to go running.  The race started at 9:55.  There were lots of people there so the beginning of the race of a little bit crowded.  But once everyone spaced out it was fine.  I ran the whole thing.  My time was 37:18.  I was very surprised because I thought my time was going to be over 40 minutes.  I saw Diego and Eric waiting for me at the finish line.  That made me very happy.

Sunday – We basically just hung out at home.  Saw the Bears beat the Lions 34 – 7.  Go Bears!!


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