Beautiful Saturday…

It was gorgeous today. It hit 76 degrees, sunny and clear. Our morning start early.

We went for a run. I ran about 2.6 miles and Eric ran/walked the 2.6 miles. Mostly ran but he stopped for a bit, but I want to add that he was pushing Diego on a jogging stroller and I wasn’t.

Afterwards, we went for a cool down walk. Went home and showered. After a while, Diego took a nap. We figured he was going to sleep for about 1 hour. Nope, he slept for almost three hours. 😯 He hasn’t done that in our presence in a long time. I was able to take an hour nap.

After he woke up, we went to the playground. Diego always has a good time. He like to play with the older kids, 3-5 year olds. Good thing they know him because they have patience with him.

Once we were done there, we walked to Cold Stone Creamery. I had the Berry Berry Berry Good and Eric had the Cookie Mintser. We shared with Diego and he loved it. He kept going from me to Eric back to me and so forth. 😀

After that, we walked around the neighborhood. We went into the UIC fields and watched the ending of the Women’s Softball game. The last swing of the game produced a three run home run. Very exciting!!

When we got home, we watched Blue’s Clues and Jack’s Big Music Show. Then Diego took a bath and off to bed he soon went.

It was a beautiful day and tomorrow it promises to be another (it supposed to hit 78 degrees).


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