Good Day…

Wow! I don’t think I have spent a whole day with Diego in a long time. We dropped Eric off at the airport this morning at around 7:30ish. Thankfully, he was able to check his luggage and make his flight. So we came back home since nothing is really open at 8 am. So far so good.

We got home, Diego watched Blue and Mickey Mouse. I stacked books that seemed to entertained him. But by the time is was 11, Diego threw his first and only tantrum of the day. So I did what I had to do, it was time for a nap.

He got up at 12:30. We ate lunch and off to Babies R Us to get some shopping done. Then we went to Factory Card Outlet to see if I could find any birthday accessories. Nada. While we were there, he saw a plastic bat and ball. So the entire time we were there, he just carried it. So it was time to leave, I had to tell him he had to leave the toy. At first, he did not want to but then after telling him that he has lots of bats and balls at home, he let go. No tantrum thrown at all. He even walked to the place where the bat went. So proud!

I noticed that there was a drive thru Starbuck so we drove up and order a Chai and a chocolate chip cookie for a special treat for Diego. He was really, really good at the stores. I gave him a piece of cookie and off we went. So I was driving on 290 going home, when Diego requests more cookie. I told him I couldn’t because I was driving. So he proceeds to tell me to stop the car so I can give him more cookie! I am in the middle of the expressway. 😆 Told him once we got home, I would give him more cookie. That made him happy and was quiet the rest of the ride home.

We got home, ate cookie, played, ate dinner, watched tv, played more and colored. Then it was time for night, night and he went right to sleep.

I think it was a good day, don’t ya agree?


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