New Sunglasses…

Back in November, I lost my glasses in Disney World. To be more specific, Magic Kingdom. It seems that a lot of people I know have lost a pair (or two) in that park. Well, it is now April, I was quickly realizing that I needed to get a pair as soon as possible.

On Friday, I headed out to Oakbrook Center to do some errands. I went to the Sunglass Hut and got myself a pair of Jim Maui glasses. I got the brown ones. They are so cool, well at least I think so. They do fit my face very well.


2 thoughts on “New Sunglasses…”

  1. Very nice! I can’t spend 20 dollars on a pair of sunglasses myself. If I did I would be really upset when I lose them, because its bound and determined to happen. 😉

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