One word: Patching.


Well, he has to have his eye patched for four hours a day until his next appointment which will be August 1.  It seems that his amblyopia (aka lazy eye) is very minimal at this time.  I was watching the doctor trying to get his eye to “jump” but it was very sporadic. It was interesting how she was doing it too.   Well keeping my fingers crossed that this will work and his eyes will align the way they should.

The hard part will be getting him to wear it.  Good thing he does not have to wear it for the four hours consecutively.  But he does need to be wearing it while reading or coloring or any activity that will make him focus.  Watching TV is not an option.  Bummer.  😆 

Another thing: Do you know how hard is it to find adhesive eye patches? And how expensive they are?  I found some on Amazon with free shipping.  Hopefully, they will fit. *sigh*

Wish us luck!