Pre-K Pictures Part 2…

Well it turns out that they take spring school pictures in the spring. Heh, go figure? 🙂 They don’t use these one in the yearbook or class picture so they are more for fun. He looks so cute. He even kept his glasses on. (I did tell him he can take them off if he wanted to but he didn’t.)

Pre-K Spring Pictures

So I will probably order wallets or something. The pictures are too cute to pass. They sure know how to sucker parents. 😛

Pre-K Pictures…

Diego had his first school pictures taken last week. They are not too shabby but I did contemplate getting him to retake them but Eric talked me out of it. I am ordering pose 2 (the one on the right hand side). I am sure one day he’ll look back and tell me why the heck I didn’t let him retake the picture. 😛

Pre-K Pictures