Eczema Update…

I haven’t posted anything for a while since nothing new has come up.  I am still itchy and scratchy.  My scalp is so dry it is not even funny.  I could probably not wash my head for a week and no one would notice.  My face, neck and hands are flaking/peeling.  Lotion helps for a bit but it doesn’t really help in the long term.  The only way I can describe how I feel is when you get a really bad sunburn and then it starts healing your skin feels like it is tightening up.  Well, that is how I feel.  At least it is bearable now. 🙂



So I when to see a dermatologist today and that is what I was diagnosed with. The lady checked me out and after talking to me about my history (foods I’ve eaten lately, dry skin history, etc), she wrote it down in big capital letters and underlined it. 🙂

So, I have to avoid citrus, tomatoes, caffeine, sugar, white flour and milk. Need to soak in Dead Sea Salt baths for 15-20 min daily. She suggest to take Flaxseed Oil Capsules (1000 mg) 3 times a day during winter and to take acidophilus capsules once a day during breakfast. She gave me three (!!!) prescriptions: Zyrtec, lac-hydrin cream, and some other ointment. I also have to get some blood work done so there isn’t anything else going on.

Goodness, when I had my gallbladder issues, the list wasn’t this extensive. 😀

I already have the salts, I just need to get the prescriptions filled. All my coworkers are relieved I am not contagious.