On the other hand…

We had a great weekend though.  This is how the weekend went: 

Friday night: we went to pick up Diego’s pictures from JCPenney.  We also went to exchange some clothes at GAP Kids.  He recieved some fall stuff that probably won’t fit him when fall actually arrives.  We also went to Whole Foods to look for Yobaby yogurt.  They had a ton.  Bought enough for a month.

Saturday:  Diego had his class at the Little Gym.  He seems to get the class now.  He is more interactive with the class.  He is always a trooper.  FIL called Eric later that day.  He decided to do a cookout.  That was nice.  The food was a lot better than last time we went.  Eric bbq’ed the chicken which was delicious.  Diego had a ball playing in vegetable garden.  He was playing with dirt, green tomatos and some apples.  Then he rediscovered greatgrandpa’s cane.  It was cute, he traded a green apple for the cane.  At least he did not make a fuss when we gave the cane back.

Sunday: We went to Brookfield Zoo.  We mostly hung out at the Children’s Zoo.  Diego was able to pet a minature horse named Whisper.  We also saw the BZTV show.  We saw some animals doing tricks.  I think Diego understood some of things that were going on because once in a while he would point at something.  I was thinking about going to the parent’s house but Diego fell asleep so we just went home.


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