Softball tournament…

Just got back from Eric’s softball tournament.  They were doing really well.  They won their first game (16-10) which I expected.  Diego and I showed up after that.  Then they played their second game.  They won that one as well.  I think the score was 6-1.  Their third game was tougher.  They lost the semi-final, 7-2.  Bummer!  This is the furthest they have ever gotten.  It is hard on Eric since he has been the coach for the past 4 years.  He hasn’t spoken about giving coaching up this year.  Last year he tried but everyone did not want him to give it up.  Plus, no one really wanted to do it either.  Well, we will see what happens.  There is always next year.

On the plus side, Diego had a ball.  He was so good.  He was busy checking out some bikes, eating, and drinking.  Too cute!   Everyone enjoys him being there.  I was hoping he would knock out on the way home and he did.  He is taking a nice nap in his crib.  I am hoping for at least an hour so.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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